Honda Wants To Be Tough Now

In one of the ruder things I’ve seen an automaker do in a while, Honda announced Friday that John Cena would be the voice of its new ad campaign.

The brand wanted a “sound that had more gravitas to it and more room to grow, and if you look at John Cena’s work, that guy does such a breadth of work, from family films to the tough guy image … he’s a car guy,” [Ed Beadle, Honda’s assistant vice president for integrated marketing] adds.

This is, uh, all pretty dated and silly, but part of Honda’s campaign with the Passport, Pilot and Ridgeline is to convince buyers that they are buying big bad machines or something.

Honda PR says that with regard to the Ridgeline changes, look, this is just what the people want:

But what I kind of wish Honda would do instead is focus on the things it’s good at—small and medium-sized sedans and SUVs—and not try to copy the Big Three on trucks.

I wish Honda would, you know, stay Fred Savage and less John Cena.

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