Google cloud upgrade will cost home users

Google Drive users who are taking advantage of unlimited storage for $12 per month on G Suite, might want to upgrade.

Currently G Suite business subscribers - which do not need to be actual businesses, but any individuals looking for greater storage capacity - can access unlimited storage on Drive for just $12 a month.

For photographers with considerable backlogs of photos, this was a inexpensive cloud storage backup solution.

Google states in its plans that groups using this particular plan with four or fewer members are supposed to be only eligible for 1TB of storage each, however Google has never enforced that limit.

This appears to actually be the case, but Google does promise they can offer as much storage "as you need" in this category.

For now, G Suite customers will be able to stick with their current plans if they do not switch to Workplace, but Google is intending to move all users over to the new system eventually.

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