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Enabling AV1 Hardware Video Decoding in Windows 10

When I play a YouTube video in Chrome in Ubuntu 20.04 and check the stats for nerds info, it will usually show the video is played with “av01.0” codec which refers to AV1, but it’s played with software video decoding using libraries like Dav1d leveraging SIMD instructions.

One good news is that Microsoft has recently announced support for AV1 GPU-accelerated hardware video decoding in Windows 10.

The less good news is that support will be limited to recent and fairly powerful GPUs.

If that works, CPU usage should be fairly low even for 4K or 8K videos.

NVIDIA provides more details about Windows 10 AV1 support for their RTX 30 GPUs, including the ability to handle 8K AV1 streams, AV1 hardware video decoding is enabled in Google Chrome and VLC, and NVIDIA is working with Twitch to support 1440p120 video game streaming at 8 Mbps.

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