Elon Musk Slashes Tesla Model S Price Twice In A Week To $69420 To Undercut Entry-Level Lucid Air

Musk announced on Twitter that the Model S is now available from $69,420, with some (like CNBC ) claiming that those numbers (69 and 420) might be his way of joking about a sex act and the recreational use of cannabis…

It’s pretty clear that Musk has taken notice of what Lucid is doing and is quick to respond accordingly.

While Tesla fanboys and potential customers will no doubt be glad to hear that the Model S is cheaper than the most affordable variant of the Lucid Air, it’s worth remembering that the Tesla has been in production for more than eight years.

Sure, the electric motor and battery technology it uses are among the best in the industry, but its exterior design has aged and, to our eyes, the interior is starting to look very outdated, particularly when compared to the much more modern and advanced cabin of the Lucid.

It can accelerate to 60 mph (96 km/h) in 3.7 seconds, has two electric motors, and an EPA estimated range of 402 miles (647 km).

By comparison, the entry-level Lucid Air has a single electric motor (but can be optioned with two) and an EPA estimated range of 406 miles (653 km).

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