Elon Musk, lover of dumb jokes, says he's slashing Tesla Model S price to $69420

On Wednesday, Musk tweeted that Tesla would be reducing the price of its flagship sedan, the Model S, to $69,420.

Lucid Motors is run by Peter Rawlinson, the former lead engineer on the Model S, and Musk appears to be closely tracking his former employee’s various announcements.

The day before Lucid Motors was set to unveil the Air, Musk huffed on Twitter that “Rawlinson didn’t design Model S” and appeared to downplay his rival’s accomplishments.

For his part, Rawlinson has said his goal with the Lucid Air is to “surpass my last one, the Model S.”

Musk’s intention to slash the Model S price to $69,420 calls to mind other times the Tesla CEO’s juvenile sense of humor got the better of him.

In 2018, he tweeted that he was planning on taking Tesla private at $420 a share, “funding secured.” Without rehashing the entire experience, which we documented in detailoverthelastyear , Musk paid a steep price for that tweet, including his chairmanship of Tesla’s board and a $20 million to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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