Disney+'s The Right Stuff: Grade It!

Before you chime in with your thoughts, a brief recap of the first half of the two-episode premiere and its major players: The drama begins with a tension-filled scene on May 5, 1961, aka the day the first American man would be launched into space.

Astronaut Alan Shepard (played by Limitless ‘ Jake McDorman) accuses his Mercury Seven teammate John Glenn ( Suits ‘ Patrick J. Adams) of going behind his back.

Cut to 1959, when the NASA program is just getting started and its leaders, Chris Kraft ( Bosch ‘s Eric Ladin) and Bob Gilruth ( Once Upon a Time ‘s Patrick Fischler), are looking for the nation’s best test pilots to be its astronauts.

A devoted husband to his wife Annie ( Grey’s Anatomy ‘s Nora Zehetner) and a non-drinker, Glenn is a clean-cut guy who shakes his head as his fellow pilots booze it up and sleep around.

Then there’s Gordon “Gordo” Cooper ( Once Upon a Time ‘s Colin O’Donoghue), a United States Air Force pilot who very much wants to be part of the Mercury program, but there’s a problem: He and his wife Trudy ( Chicago Fire ‘s Eloise Mumford) are separated, and NASA is looking for men with stable families.

The rest of the Mercury Seven are filled out by Scott Carpenter ( One Tree Hill ‘s James Lafferty), Wally Schirra ( Mad Men ‘s Aaron Staton), Gus Grissom ( Underground ‘s Michael Trotter) and Deke Slayton ( Escape at Dannemora ‘s Micah Stock).

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