Diggin' Deep on UFC Fight Island 4: Holm vs. Aldana - Main card preview

No doubt the UFC is hoping at least one of the younger competitors emerges victorious as they’re running short on contenders to throw at Amanda Nunes.

Holm had some success in the clinch against de Randamie and Cyborg Justino, two of the most physically imposing combatants in the women’s division.

Given Aldana appears to have the power advantage in her fists and is similarly athletic, expect this contest to slow down for significant stretches.

A former kickboxer and Muay Thai practitioner, de Randamie is one of the few legit KO threats in the division with her combination of power and technique.

One of the more gifted athletes in women’s MMA, Pena has fought just once since losing to Valentina Shevchenko in early 2017, largely due to her having a child.

One can’t help but believe Todorovic’s work prior to his appearance on the show played a part in him receiving that contract as the unbeaten youngster had never gone to decision previously.

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