'Cheer Camp Killer' Review: Lifetime thriller debunks glam of cheerleading with foul play and substance abuse

Lifetime’s latest thriller ‘Cheer Camp Killer’ reveals some horrid antics behind the glossy activity and comes as edgy.

The film opens with a gory act of substance abuse that exploits a skillful cheerleader named Lilly (Monica Rose Betz).

She possesses an unhealthy approach to make her daughter, who is a cheerleader, win in the competition which comes at the cost of jeopardizing the lives of other teammates.

As the movie progresses we witness some savage shenanigans by the highly popular cheerleader Victoria who targets the plain and innocent Sophia.

From foxing Jack with her sensuous avatar, to coyly having an affair with a trainer whom she later exploits for her shady deeds, to creating misunderstanding between Sophia and her friends and even tapping on her fears, Victoria plays as vindictive as she could be.

The plot exposes the reality of a troubled teen who feels constant pressure to outperform due to her mother and is even encouraged for her despicable actions.

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