Big Brother recap: For the first time ever, it's a triple-eviction night

Kevin was the target for the week, but when David went for a cash prize rather than the veto during the POV challenge, the Committee started talking about voting him out instead.

Kevin addresses the house on the way out during his interview with Julie, noting that they've been voting as a block for a long time and that it's been impossible for anyone else to break through.

Nicole immediately pulls Christmas aside and pleads for her life, telling her to either use the veto or not vote for her if Memphis wants the nominations to stay the same.

Due to a mishap with Julie standing near a "Triple Eviction" sign that the players saw on the screen before the second vote, everyone assumes what's coming.

Of course, there's no time to strategize, but we know Tyler has mentioned targeting Dani, though Nicole is a little worried because of the previous vote.

But at least we got some quick evictions and some solid exit interviews because of the heightened emotions, and now we can watch members of the controlling alliance turn on each other until the Final 2 is set.

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