Andrew Walker Previews Sweet Autumn, Hallmark's Final Fall Harvest Movie of 2020!

With about 21 films under his belt, he can easily be considered one of North America's go-to boyfriends for the romantically inclined.

Being an East coast guy and coming from Montreal, fall has to be one of my favorite times of year, with the leaves changing and the smell of the fire, and Thanksgiving as well.

And just the trust factor of working with her and knowing that she has my back and just us being able to get creative together in rewriting some scenes and just really create the arc of the story and our characters, it didn't really feel like it was acting at all.

I'll finance you guys through this difficult time, but I would also like to purchase your produce and some of your items from your farm for my candy shop and some of these products that I'm making."

Be here next Saturday at the same time for the second half of our interview as Walker previews Christmas Tree Lane, in which he stars with Alicia Witt and Days of Our Lives' Drake Hogestyn.

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