Amazon One lets you pay at stores with a wave of your hand

Amazon does not stop innovating in relation to any type of technology that can help make shopping even easier in its large marketplace.

The retail giant has presented its latest novelty: Amazon One, a service that uses your unique palm signature to authenticate purchases and let you into gated locations, such as offices, gyms, and stadiums.

Once logged in to Amazon One, each time you go to the store, simply hover your hand over the device for about a second or so for it to recognize you.

Amazon One is capable of recognizing your palm in seconds, and with no need to touch anything once you’ve enrolled, it really couldn’t be easier.

Also, it should be noted that it is not necessary to have an Amazon account to use this service since the connection can be made with a cell phone and a credit card.

Amazon’s strong presence behind this technology could consolidate hand scanning as a way to make payments and fully identify ourselves in the future.

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