Adam Sandler Super-Fan Pens Essay After Watching 638 Hours of Sandler Films in One Year

To mark the release of Sandler’s new effort “ Hubie Halloween ,” Netflix asked Lugo to pen an essay about his love for the comedy icon.

He would leave flaming bags of shit on a stranger’s porch, but he would also call a high school classmate he’d bullied to apologize for his behavior.

Sandler’s portrayal of this man-child stuck in permanent adolescence was performed with such gusto that I was immediately entranced by the actor — and I’ve stayed that way ever since.”

“Sandler just keeps getting better, as evidenced by his recent award-winning turn in the Safdie brothers’ film,” Lugo writes.

“He has always been versatile — he can play vulnerable, mean, romantic, angry, sweet, silly — but never has he managed to channel all these traits into one performance as seamlessly as he did playing Howard Ratner, an impulsive diamond dealer who makes a series of high-stakes bets that ultimately lead to a violent, tragic downfall.”

Head over to the Netflix Queue website to read Lugo’s essay in its entirety.

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