Woman Set Up NBA Star Ex-Husband's Murder, Received 30 Years in Prison

Ten days after he was last seen, Wright’s badly decomposed body was found in a meadow shot at least 11 times, reported the Commercial Appeal .

Germantown dispatcher Claudia Kenley Woods said the police department’s mapping system couldn’t plot the precise location of the call placed in the early-morning hours of July 19, but the latitude and longitude indicated it came from outside their town.

After legal fees, the remaining $85,000 was divided equally among Wright’s six surviving children (he was preceded in death by a daughter named Sierra who died of SIDS at 11 months of age).

A break in the case came in November 2017 when the Memphis police disclosed that a gun had been recovered from a lake in Walnut, Mississippi, that they believed to be the one used to shoot Wright.

“I think we’re confident that they knew each other so we’re going to leave it at that for right now,” Memphis police Director Michael Rallings told USA Today at the time.

During Wright-Robinson’s plea appearance, prosecutors maintained that Turner and Wright-Robinson had been in a sexual relationship and had attempted to kill Wright one time before his murder.

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