What makes Collin Morikawa a success? Just ask his business school lecturer.

But for keen soothsaying, they should have looked indoors at Berkeley, amid the caps and gowns and episodic rowdiness, among the graduates headed to firms such as Barclays and Accenture, where a student speaker quoted Jay-Z: “I’m not a businessman; I’m a business, man.”

They wait through one of those cheering ruckuses for a guy two places ahead, and then when the speaker finally gets to say Limbhasut’s name, Collin Morikawa applauds his friend.

That was his job.” And: “Collin would be the first to volunteer and present his individual or group’s solution to a financial case.” And: “Many times people will hide in the back of the room.

He credits Morikawa’s “unbelievable ability to recognize his mistake, accept it and move right along,” his “warm sense to him,” his “confidence without attitude” ( a Haas motto ), his “intellectual curiosity,” his amiable personality.

“He really has an inner strength,” Etter said, and it showed in a knack rare in college students — or anyone: “He didn’t have an issue [giving] an answer that is wrong.

Said Limbhasut, who is progressing through golf’s Class AAA league, the Korn Ferry Tour: “You miss so much school in a year.

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