Watch a Reimagined “Golden Girls” With an All-Black Cast on Zoom

by Sam Manzella 7h agoNow this is a Zoom meeting we’ll gladly sign up for.

Zoom Where It Happens has partnered with the video conferencing software for a reimagined version of The Golden Girls , NBC’s iconic sitcom with a massive gay following.

Actresses Alfre Woodard ( See ), Tracee Ellis Ross ( Blackish ), Sanaa Lathan ( Harley Quinn ), and Regina King ( Watchmen )—all Black women—are slated to star.

“Join us for an evening that takes a look back to the sitcoms of yesteryear—before you could pause your screens or binge watch,” the event description reads .

An Instagram promo for the event offered some hints about the casting: Lathan’s face is superimposed on Blanche’s body, King on Dorothy, Ross on Rose, and Woodard on Sophia.

(It’s free—according to the event page, “All you need to do to enjoy this evening is sign up to receive messages about how you can make a change during this election!”)

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