TikTok is considering Kevin Systrom to appoint as the new CEO

So, he has had an ample amount of working in a similar environment, and he is also a very strong candidate because of his past association with TikTok’s archrival, Facebook.

But interestingly, despite all its criticism, Facebook keeps introducing features that make its platform and Instagram quite similar to TikTok.

Recently, a short-form video editing tool and several other features were also introduced on Instagram, and all of this just suggests that regardless of its criticism, Facebook understands the mega-popularity of TikTok and that makes them its rivals and competitors.

Now, if a person who has previously served both Facebook and Instagram come to join TikTok as its CEO, wouldn’t that be interesting?

However, within only a few months of his appointment as the CEO of TikTok, the app got embroiled in a series of political issues and feuds with the US government.

Oracle and other American investors are currently in talks with ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company to buy majority stakes of the Chinese conglomerate.

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