Kawhi Leonard

Three Takeaways from Paul George, Kawhi Leonard lifting Clippers past Denver

1) Kawhi Leonard, Paul George too much in the clutch for Denver This is exactly why the Clippers went and got Kawhi Leonard and Paul George — they are both elite, clutch, and they can overcome the mistakes and muck around them, make big plays, and drag a team a win.

Late in the fourth quarter and with the Clippers starting to pull away, Jamal Murray blew by Montrezl Harrell out top and went hard for a dunk looking to change the game’s momentum — and Leonard was there to shut him down.

All that after he had been questionable due to a sprained wrist, but he didn’t show any signs of slowing, especially in the third quarter when Zubac looked helpless trying to guard him.

Jokic went missing for too long during the Clippers fourth-quarter run, and the turnovers hurt, but he has still put together a couple of masterpieces in a row.

The Clippers bench defense (with Lou Williams out there) has never been great, but an efficient scoring punch has made up for it.

The Clippers will need more out of their bench against Denver, which certainly will play with more desperation in Game 4, and in future rounds (should L.A. advance).

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