Thousands Of San Antonio Students Return To The Classroom For The First Time Since March

Her 15-year-old daughter Meadow streamed her chemistry class, while Emerson, 13, and Finnigin, 8, watched Angry Bird cartoons on their lunch break.

“We have spent most of his life trying to help him find his voice, and whenever he's getting on these zoom calls and trying to connect with his teachers, he's missing a core element of his communication, which is nonverbal,” Sinha said.

So when Finnigin’s teacher told Sinha the Northside Independent School District is starting out with just English Learners and special education students in self-contained settings, she changed her mind.

But Alamo Heights, East Central, Somerset and a few charter networks are bringing in more students than Metro Health currently considers safe.

Anderson said she hopes her daughter will start loving school again once she’s back in the classroom, but she’s a bit worried about how Azlin will adjust to wearing a mask all day.

North East teacher Alexandria Simmons has spent the past week helping her students make the adjustment and said setting out clear expectations is especially important this year.

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