Cleveland Browns

The Top 12 NFL teams in pre-snap motion all won in Week 1

Most of these revolved around the supernatural talents of quarterback Lamar Jackson , who combined his generational rushing ability and rocket arm en route to a 14-2 record and the unanimous NFL MVP.

The NFL is a copycat league, but the tricky part for other franchises is the fact that Lamar Jackson doesn't grow on trees.

He is an all-time outlier and teams look to mimic Greg Roman's complex scheme won't find the same success without Lamar Jackson running things.

The twelve teams with the highest rates of having a player in motion at the time of the snap in Week 1 won their games.

Like play-action, the numbers show that "overusing" this tactic isn't really possible; no matter how often teams go to this well, it continues to boost their likelihood of running a successful play.

They may have only finished fourth in the metric on Sunday but led the NFL by far in 2019, the year their offense shattered records.

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