New York Mets

The hits just keep on coming

You’d think, of course, that with a 60-man roster made available to them prior to the beginning of the COVID-19 shortened year that they would have stockpiled the back end with playable depth in case of injury and/or COVID-related absences.

Of course, in a specific case like that, with a catcher as durable as Realmuto on the roster, it’s tough to assume that he would get injured.

Even then, in the nature of the pandemic, not planning that someone on the roster would miss significant time for illness-related issues is incredibly shortsighted.

There is the argument to be made that the available options to them at the time that would have counted as “depth” were simply not that good, but when the team needed several weeks to figure out that Neil Walker was just not good anymore while simultaneously releasing Josh Harrison (.280/.345/.500 in 54 PA with Washington), it makes you wonder yet again about the talent evaluation skills of those in charge of making those decisions.

There are too many good players still on the roster as well as two pitchers that give them a better than average chance of winning each night.

But if they don’t win, there will be a lot of questions to be answered about how well this team was prepared to compensate for what has happened to them this year.

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