SPL!NG Movie Review: My Octopus Teacher

Perhaps its our arrogance as the self-appointed superior species and “custodians” of the earth and the fact that French conservationist, Jacques Cousteau, didn’t make the octopus a year-long focus of his many deep sea adventures.

Having been through a tough time with his family at the end of many busy years of work, Craig Foster decided to recoup by free-diving the kelp forests near his water’s edge home on the Atlantic seaboard.

Gently flowing seaweed, bizarre creatures of all shapes and sizes, oxygen tanks, snorkels and specially-equipped diving craft that can transcend the ocean’s deepest chasms… it’s another world.

Foster did his research, discovering a wealth of pre-existing information on the mysterious life of an octopus, but gleaned so much more about its intelligence, hunting, memory and defence mechanisms by locating its den and befriending it.

What follows is majestic footage of Cape Town’s natural beauty, Foster’s many encounters, unpacking his personal journey of healing through these regular expeditions and the great lessons he learned as a result of his friend.

My Octopus Teacher has special significance for South Africans who share a coastline with the subject, serves as an inspiration to other nature lovers and deserves to be watched on the biggest screen possible for full immersion.

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