Jürgen Klopp

Signing Thiago Alcântara pushes Liverpool's transfer business to a new stratosphere, and re-shapes FSG model

Ever since the 90s, Liverpool have signed players on the precipice of greatness: Fernando Torres, Luis Suarez, Xabi Alonso, Mohamed Salah, and an and on.

At its core, all “Moneyball” -- or “the model” -- means is taking advantage of an inefficiency in the marketplace, and finding players that are either underrated or cheaper than they should be -- ideally both.

He is a dash of Xavi, Busquets and Iniesta all rolled into one: A metronome at the base of midfield who can also get on the ball, drive, beat a man, and dictate the tempo between the lines.

Thiago struggled with injuries throughout the early part of Guardiola’s tenure, but he has since gone on to become the player the manager envisioned, the kind you could build a Champions League winner around.

His base numbers were so-so; his nerdy metrics (xGBuildUp, xGChain) run right alongside what Fernandinho offered from the same spot a year earlier -- more so an indicator of City’s goal-scoring output and everyone-gets-a-touch mentality than individual excellence.

The club's goal was to build a side who could mirror Bayern's success: Domestic and European dominance.

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