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Ruling on the rules: Should MLB make the universal DH permanent?

This week, with most of a shortened season in the rearview mirror, Yahoo Sports is reviewing the temporary rule changes MLB put in place for 2020.

It wasn’t good for Miami or for Jordan Yamamoto, the pitcher who was forced to throw 94 pitches in less than three innings, wear 13 runs and perhaps reassess where his career goes from here.

I’m fine with the occasional three-pitch strikeout of an opposing pitcher instead of watching an overmatched or exhausted hurler labor through four innings and 90 pitches knowing that a demotion is imminent.

Famously active manager Tony La Russa is thoroughly retired, and the type of strategies that used to characterize the NL are simply going away.

Sure, allowing pitchers to hit might cause managers to employ even more pitching changes, but we’re already seeing a huge increase in that figure, and it’s not related to whether a team uses a DH.

While they may find that depressing, at least they’ll never have to watch their favorite team’s pitcher weakly wave the bat at a slider four inches out of the zone again.

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