Riot Games shares that League of Legends will have almost 140 skins this year

Riot Games has issued a new developer update, this time, with a focus on skins and events in League of Legends.

Diving into the skins versus sales performance, Riot Games mentioned that while popular champions will see abou

This year we have been introduced to a new world, Spirit Blossom, which had astronomic success in the League of Legends community.

With a revitalization of PsyOps and Mecha Kingdoms, the visual team will be focusing on more unique designs, including the Dragonmancer series.

They admit the complexity of such a campaign required a lot of effort from the development team throughout almost an entire year.

“Our goals for this redesign are to reduce the complexity of the system and create a more guided and rewarding experience without completely removing your ability to make choices”, said Riot Games’ Production Director on League of Legends, Jonathan Belliss.

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