Chicago Cubs

On The Horizon: Cubs vs. Indians series preview

8 seed in the AL playoff structure entering Tuesday’s action as a wild card.

Fast forward to 2020 and they are supposed to be a World Series contender with one of the best rotations in baseball, a star-studded infield, and a pretty good bullpen.

Even with an injured thumb, José Ramírez has continued to be the Tribe’s best hitter, along with the surprising free-agent pickup César Hernández .

But for some reason, Mike Freeman keeps getting playing time, as does Delino DeShields Jr. , instead of any prospect waiting to get a shot in Eastlake.

It quite literally cannot get worse than it is, yet the Indians seem stuck on their course of plugging in whatever they can find laying around the clubhouse and hoping it works.

While the Cubs swept the Indians in Cleveland last month, the Tribe is 10-3 against the other four NL Central teams this year.

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