Nikola: Electric-Hydrogen Startup Alleged Tesla 'Ripoff' Gets in Trouble for 'Intricate Fraud'

A recent bombshell report claims that Nikola's very own founder Trevor Milton had essentially lied as well as manoeuvre his way into the big-name partnership even without actually producing anything particular of value.

On Hindenburg's own website, it was noted that its work has actually prompted executive resignations as well as investigations that actually led to SEC charges.

It was also said that they are on the path to success and that they will not really waver based on the report that was filled with certain misleading information certain stock manipulation.

Hindenburg recently compiled a detailed account of the early days of Nikola predating even the company itself and diving more into Milton's previous business patterns.

Hindenburg then accused Milton along with the company of "intricate fraud" while being able to supply certain recorded phone conversations, emails, text messages, and even legal documents to back this up.

This evidence was released after a recent Bloomberg report, in which Hindenburg corroborates, that actually spilt certain detail on just how Milton along with the company overstated the abilities of the Nikola One .

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