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New Reality Star Lost Her Son to a Drug Overdose in 2009

The police report (via MyDeathSpace ) from Denton, Texas (a suburb of Dallas) says that David died on the living floor of Tammy’s house due to heroin intoxication.

“My wife, Tammy, she lost a son who was unaware of what he was taking and drinking, and he died on the living room floor,” Bradshaw told WNDU at a 2018 525 Foundation fundraising event, adding, “Kids do some crazy things and have no education about it.

The 525 Foundation was launched by a South Bend, Indiana, family that lost two sons, Jack and Nick Savage, to accidental opioid overdoses after attending a party together.

What we now know is that they were participating in underage drinking and at some point, during the course of the evening someone offered them a prescription pill and they made the decision to take it,” wrote Savage on the Today website , recounting the day she went to wake up her sons and they were both lifeless in their beds.

“That’s why I’m here,” Terry Bradshaw told WSBT at the 525 fundraising event, “because of a tragedy in the family and a similarity with my wife’s son.

Additionally, Bradshaw appears as the special guest at the 525 Foundation event held in South Bend every year.

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