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Microsoft Edge update with new features and integration looks to capture Chrome's market share

Now recently, Microsoft announced about the new update to Edge with some new features that would be almost similar and better than Google Chrome.

A feature known as “Web Capture” was spotted by Windows Latest in the Edge Canary developer that allows to take a full or cropped screenshot of a webpage and then user can copy it to clipboard or look at the preview.

Image Source : Bleeping ComputerRecently Microsoft started releasing Edge 85 with features that aimed to help people who were working from home because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new features includes the ability to send Edge collections to One Note, Word and Excel and an option for synchronizing browser settings and favorites between Active directory profiles within user’s environment without the requirement of cloud sync.

There is also new additions of enhanced privacy controls, performance improvements in collections and Read Aloud Feature for PDFs.

It can manage notifications from sites to prevent pop ups that can plague the user while browsing.

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