Maya Moore is now married to Jonathan Irons, the man she helped free from prison

WNBA superstar Maya Moore announced her marriage to Jonathan Irons on Good Morning America Wednesday, but this is anything but a typical athlete wedding.

Moore led the charge to free Irons from prison after two decades of wrongful incarceration, and during that process the two fell in love.

Additionally, it was later revealed that a key fingerprint report, which showed prints in the home that didn’t belong to Stotler, and actively eliminated Irons were not submitted as evidence, nor were they turned over to the defense for scrutiny.

In 2019 Moore stunned the basketball world by announcing she would skip the WNBA season to focus on ministry and outreach.

On July 2 judge Daniel Green vacated Irons’ conviction , saying there were numerous problems in the prosecution’s case, citing the suspect fingerprint report.

There’s no way to get back 23 years spent behind bars, but if there’s any comfort it’s that Moore and Irons will work together to try and save more lives, and that counts for a lot.

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