Nintendo Switch

'Super Mario 3D All-Stars' for Switch: Barely enough but still a must

While the castle, which serves as a hub, offers secrets of its own to uncover, you spend most of your time jumping into paintings and chasing the discrete challenges you find in a never-ending pursuit for Power Stars.

The unhindered camera and improved processing power of the GameCube allows for bigger, more detailed worlds to explore, starting with the excellent hub town of Isle Delfino.

Galaxy takes us back to the familiar setup of a kidnapped Princess Peach and a marauding Bowser family that's hellbent on ruining Mario's good times.

The level design leans heavily on the unique properties of outer space, so the gravitational pull of the various land masses you visit becomes a regular consideration.

It's not a major issue in Galaxy , though, because so many of the levels and puzzle sequences employ an intentionally fixed camera that moves with you and automatically shifts its orientation around each new challenge.

Mario 64 is (thankfully) not stretched to fit the Switch screen, but the original 4:3 presentation leaves you with black bars on each side and makes the overall experience feel a little more constricted.

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