Lululemon slammed for promoting 'resist capitalism' workshop on Instagram

Lululemon promoting a workshop to resist capitalism is stretch when the company itself is worth billions, critics are saying on social media.

The publicly traded athleisure brand, which sells leggings for upwards of $120, is facing backlash for recently posting a “Five to Follow” list on Instagram with one of its brand ambassadors promoting a workshop and its plans to “unveil historical erasure and resist capitalism," according to the post.

Critics mocked Lululemon on social media for promoting a brand ambassador's workshop planning to “unveil historical erasure and resist capitalism, according to the post.

The brand’s ambassador instructor Rebby Kern, a self-proclaimed “social justice warrior,” according to her website, is featured in the graphic posted to Lululemon’s Instagram page, promoting a class called “Decolonizing Gender.”

Lululemon promoted a brand ambassador on its “Five to Follow” list featuring her workshop happening this month with plans to “unveil historical erasure and resist capitalism, according to the post, which has since been deleted.

Some suggested the company start giving away free leggings, with others urging followers boycott the brand all together.

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