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LG Wing hands-on: it's weird, but it works

It’s surprisingly thin for a device that has a second screen — several family members I showed it to didn’t even realize that there was anything out of the ordinary at first glance.

It slides open with a satisfying “snick” sound and flips shut with a crisp snap, everything just spring-loaded enough to feel effortless.

The biggest achievement of the Wing might be that, until you swivel out that top screen, it just looks and feels like a regular smartphone, albeit a large one, given that it’s a 6.8-inch 20.5:9 display.

LG is also hyping up the new “gimbal mode,” which uses a dedicated ultrawide camera with a new “hexa motion” stabilization system.

It’s a clever idea on paper, one that uses the second screen as a combination of a grip and for gimbal controls, but it’s one that we’ll have to spend a little more time with to judge.

There are still some software bugs to sort out, and with the price still unknown, it’s hard to say whether consumers or developers will be willing to take the risk on such an unproven design.

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