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Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning - Review

On a technical level, while our original review specifically praised Amalur for its stability (especially relative to other open-world games of the same era) I experienced several crashes and frequent visual glitches throughout my playthrough on a PlayStation 4 Pro.

While most of the characters sport a fairly traditional fantasy look and the environments may show their age in terms of density, each area of the map boasts some genuinely interesting and unique location designs.

While the option to dive headfirst into such a detailed mythos is appreciated, it’s something of a double-edged sword: Yes, there’s a lot to learn about if you want, but plenty of times throughout the campaign it felt like characters were simply vomiting exposition and oral histories to a point where my eyes started to glaze over, eager to get back to stabbing things.

It’s worth noting that the development team did take steps to make Amalur more replayable – especially towards its endgame, adjusting the math behind the scenes that determines the difficulty and rarity of loot available in a given zone.

It may not sound like a huge adjustment, but I honestly can’t imagine revisiting locations to finish side quests only to grind through low-level enemies and finding chests full of worthless gear, so this was a significant improvement.

But while the ideas and mechanics that make games like Red Faction: Guerilla and Burnout feel special are still largely singularly unique to them, almost everything that made Amalur stand out in its day has become standard fare for just about any RPG to come out in the past decade.

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