Julie and the Phantoms' Madison Reyes Isn't Here for Anything That Stands in the Way of Team Juke

They are the front persons of their band — Julie and the Phantoms — which also includes Luke's fellow dead friends Reggie ( Jeremy Shada ) and Alex (Owen Patrick Joyner).

While Julie is fond of all of her ghost bandmates, she and Luke form a special connection over the course of the season as the band's primary songsmiths.

She and Gillespie also wrote a song together for Season 1 called, "Perfect Harmony," the duet that crystallized Julie's feelings for Luke through an intimate dance performance to the ballad in Episode 7.

For fans hoping that would be the moment that Julie and Luke did something about their obvious feelings for each other, it turned out not to be the case — and Gillespie, for one, doesn't mind the slow burn.

Madison Reyes and Charlie Gillespie, Julie and the Phantoms Photo: Neflix"They're best friends.

Luckily, Reyes is fully on board with Team Juke — ship named after a jukebox — even if she's not 100 percent confident where Julie stands.

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