Jeremy Tardy Leaving Netflix Series 'Dear White People,' Following A Racial Discrimination Dispute

Actor Jeremy Tardy ( Ballers, War Dogs ) of Netflix’s Dear White People, announced in a Facebook post on Friday that he will not return for the upcoming fourth season “due to my experience with Lionsgate and their practices of racial discrimination.” Deadline reports that Lionsgate responded in-kind to Tardy’s claims by stating that the standoff between the two entities was a “purely financial negotiation.”

Tardy responded by walking out on the show and called out both Lionsgate and Netflix, for “their shameful practices of discrimination and racial inequality [in] regard to how they have historically undervalued and lowballed people of color.”

We are very proud of Dear White People and its place in the national conversation about racial equality and social justice and we look forward to beginning production on its 4 th season.”

Deadline says that the budget for Season 4 of Dear White People was notably increased, with a portion of those funds being reserved for all recurring cast members on the show.

Reportedly, all offers were approved by series creator Justin Simien ( Bad Hair ) prior to when the writing started for the final season.

The show uses irony, self-deprecation, brutal honest and humor to highlight the racial tensions that still lie below the surface of today’s “post-racial” society.

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