New York Yankees

It's Always Important to Stop and Laugh at the Yankees

It’s healthy to laugh at Yankees like Adam Ottavino (pictured), who gave up six runs in an an inning yesterday to the nomadic Blue Jays.Photo: Getty

So you can expect a lot of cries of “Charlatan!” from New York in the coming days, and it’s not like Yankees fans and observers need anything more than a stiff breeze to attach a disclaimer to anything that doesn’t involve the pinstripes as much as they see required.

Last night’s loss was an example of the Yanks’ latest problem, which is their usual cavalcade of lockdown relievers has turned into a cheap Vegas buffet for Aaron Boone, as both are producing an unacceptable amount of runs.

Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton are out, as is tradition, and the offense hasn’t picked up with whatever guy they find at Stan’s Sports Bar across the street like they did last year.

There would be over 100 games for everyone to get healthy, to locate a starter behind Tanaka and Cole who wasn’t heading out to the mound with a leaking gasoline canister, and the pen to ride out the kinds of waves most relief pitchers go through that the Yankees have avoided by having 12 or 13 guys the past few years who can go on a heater.

Surely crusty old baseball men would scoff about how hitters of yore didn’t need video to hit, just an IV of fluids and a bucket of amphetamines.

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