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Hot Tweets: Breaking down all aspects of Michael Chandler's move to the UFC

I mean, in a perfect world, nothing intervenes with Khabib-Gaethje and so the backup position is largely meant as a way to anoint someone as a top contender, with the bit of added value that if something does happen, you have your bases covered.

Both men have more than paid their dues in this sport, especially in the lightweight division, and they are essentially being jumped in line by a guy who lost his title by getting knocked out by a featherweight.

Just because the UFC is now fundamentally against paying fighters anything at all above the bare minimum (since they’ve got all that fun cheap labor from the Contender Series) doesn’t mean that the fight they were targeting was wrong.

Any top-15 lightweight presents a real threat to kick over the Chandler applecart immediately so you kinda are just priced into throwing him in the deep end and hoping he can swim.

Luke Rockhold , Tyron Woodley , Donald Cerrone , Benson Henderson, and Anthony Pettis were all on the upswing of their careers and they continued to grow in the UFC.

There’s a reason people are so high on Chimaev, and it’s not just the Khabib parallels (right down to the troubling relationship with Ramzan Kadyrov), it’s because thus far his career has looked much like every other uber-elite level prospect in MMA’s history.

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