Hilary Swank and Cast on Away's Hope, Isolation, LGBTQ+ Storyline

The Netflix series that stars Hilary Swank as Emma Green, the commander of a years-long global mission to the Red Planet, offers plenty of nail-biting spacewalks, but it's also grounded in themes of isolation and hope that are particularly resonant since life effectively changed last March.

Swank's team is made up of Vivian Wu’s Lu, a chemist from China who’s keeping an important secret; Mark Ivanir as a Russian cosmonaut; Ray Panthaki as a navigator representing Iran; and Ato Essandoh as a British botanist on his first space mission.

Meanwhile, Emma's husband, Matt (Josh Charles), is not only keeping the home fires burning, but he's also one of the heads at mission control.

Talitha Bateman plays their daughter, Alexis, a teen who grapples with accepting the perils of her mother’s dangerous mission with the more relatable story of going through high school without her mom there.

As with any great space story, as the crew of Atlas 1 sets off on the mission (spurred in part by environmental factors and the waning sustainability of life on earth) they face daunting rescues as things fail to function while alternately coping with the boredom and paranoia that accompanies isolation.

The Advocate chats with several of Away 's cast members, including two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank, who discusses the extraordinary time at which the show is being released and how having hope is a thread throughout the series that is relatable to so many now.

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