'Unprecedented' high-resolution pictures of the sun captured by European telescope

CBS News reported that GREGOR, a telescope operated by a team of German scientists at the Teide Observatory in Spain, obtained high-resolution pictures of the sun’s structure.

Researchers attributed the new pictures to a major redesign of the telescope, which allows scientists to study magnetic fields, convection, turbulence, solar eruptions and sunspots in greater detail.

With the telescope, scientists said they can study details as small as 30 miles across the sun’s surface, a fraction of its 865,000-mile diamter.

“This is as if one saw a needle on a soccer field perfectly sharp from a distance of one kilometer,” researchers said.

CBS reported that the new photos show “astonishing” details of sunspot evolution and complex structures in solar plasma.

In only one year we completely redesigned the optics, mechanics, and electronics to achieve the best possible image quality,” Dr. Lucia Kleint, who led the project, said in a news release.

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