Harry and Meghan repay $3M of public funds used to renovate their residence

© Provided by NBC NewsHarry and Meghan have been living in Los Angeles since March, and they recently signed a deal with Netflix for an undisclosed amount to produce films, shows and documentaries.

Some critics accused them of wanting to escape their royal duties while keeping some of the benefits — specifically, living at the historic residence after it had been renovated with £2.4 million of British taxpayers' money.

And Monday, a spokesman said that they had made a contribution that "fully covered the necessary renovation costs" of the cottage, which would "remain the U.K. residence of the Duke and his family."

The couple shocked the world in January with their decision to step back from royal duties to pursue a "revised role" and "a more independent life as a family."

Harry, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, is still sixth in line to the throne, and he and Meghan retain their royal "HRH" prefixes without actively using them.

The atmosphere soon disintegrated, with the couple and their supporters calling out what they saw as toxic coverage in the British media, which they said often veered into racism and sexism.

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