New York Yankees

Handle with care: Yankees relying on fragile Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton for deep playoff run | Klapisch

NEW YORK – There was a point in Tuesday’s night’s blowout at the Stadium where I expected Rob Manfred to spontaneously implement the Mercy Rule and spare the Yankees and Blue Jays any further agony.

You’d be surprised how many snarky Yankees fans were lying over/under odds on social media for Judge’s and Stanton’s inevitable return to the IL.

The rest is up to the medical staff and trainers; perhaps they’ve devised changes in the exercise and rehab regimes for two of the biggest and most muscular hitters in the big leagues.

There’ll be countless fly balls to the right field wall that Judge can snare before they turn into cheapo Stadium home runs – ones that Clint Frazier , eight inches shorter, won’t ever reach.

They thought they’d fleeced the Marlins (and Derek Jeter ) in trading for the National League’s 2017 MVP, but Stanton has instead interspersed injuries and strikeouts around brief stretches of power.

But the season is nearing the finish line and only one question really matters: for all the huge dreams of a healthy lineup rolling through October, how much is real and how much is just wish-casting?

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