Get fit while you sit: The genius Cubii Pro under-desk workout machine is $100 off— today only!

Thanks to ultra-smooth and stable non-impact gears, the machines are gentle on joints and perfect for anyone trying to ease back into an exercise routine or hoping to supplement gym workouts in their downtime.

The Cubii Pro Seated Under-Desk Elliptical Machine connects to your iPhone or Android phone, Fitbit smartwatch, or Apple Health Kit via Bluetooth to let you set goals and track your calories, strides, miles, minutes and RPM.

The smart device not only tracks your progress but acts as a virtual trainer, working to help you improve your posture and engage your core while you train.

It has eight resistance levels, an ergonomic design, and it’s so quiet you won’t lose focus or risk distracting others in the room.

“I am rated 100% Disabled due to Permanent Progressive Multiple Sclerosis meaning my life had suddenly become largely sedentary and my ‘go to’ mobility device is a Scooter,” wrote one fan.

I am delighted with the fact it is Bluetoothed to my phone which tallies my strides, minutes and calories and allows me to keep track of it daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.”

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