Fall Guys Is a Marketing Success, But Not Much More

If you were to ask anybody on Twitter what Fall Guys game modes they enjoyed, and what ones they disliked, you would almost certainly find that a portion of them were perceived negatively.

Each outfit comes from an incredibly popular game and both were no doubt in high demand; however, to unlock either you need a total of 10 crowns.

There should be no reason why every cosmetic can’t be purchased with either crowns or kudos, allowing those less skilled players to at least have the chance of unlocking their favourite skin.

For the first couple of weeks, if you weren’t playing the games, you were creating mock-up skins for it, or at least appreciating other people’s work on Twitter.

Fall Guys got fantastic press, and rightly so, SpecialEffect got a life-changing $1 million donation and the winners, a conglomeration of Ninja, MrBeast, G2esports and Aim Lab, each get their own cosmetic in the game.

Fall Guys’ success can ultimately be put down to some really solid decision making alongside its fantastic marketing.

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