Emily Ratajkowski Accuses Photographer Of Sexual Assault, Fans Praise Her For Her Bravery

She started her essay by revealing that her agent told her to buy a bus ticket and travel to Catskills, New York to meet with Leder.

“In 2012, my agent told me I should buy a bus ticket from Penn Station to the Catskills, where a photographer named Jonathan Leder would pick me up and reimburse me for my fare.

Its flash was so bright and I’d had so much wine that giant black spots were expanding and floating in front of my eyes,” Ratajkowski wrote in her essay.

The model, who said she was “very, very drunk” after drinking multiple glasses of wine with Leder, noted that the lensman put his fingers inside of her without consent while they sat together on a couch after the shoot.

As soon as the accusations surfaced online, social media users began congratulating the model for her bravery and noted that this is what women have to go through to make it big in their professional careers.

"Emily Ratajkowski’s essay is incredibly inspiring, coming from someone who’s been typecasted and just talked about freakishly as if she is a mere object not a full human being with emotions like so many women are.

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