Denon celebrates its 110th anniversary with four new special edition products

Each product features 110th Anniversary logo on the front panel, a special certificate of authenticity stamped with the approval of Denon’s head engineer and a five-year warranty.

The PMA-A110 integrated amplifier features Denon’s patented 7 th generation advanced Ultra High Current (UHC) topology delivering 80 watts at 8 ohms per channel.

Denon suggests pairing the PMA-110 with the Anniversary Edition DCD-A110 SACD player and DL-A110 MC phono cartridge, which have specially tuned to complement each other for the best performance.

mechanism, which the company says offers “unparalleled audio processing, premium components, and power supply”, featuring the shortest possible signal paths to reduce noise.

Weighing 6 grams, the lightweight DL-A110 silver-graphite headshell holds the cartridge securely for a balanced sonic signature and extended low frequency performance.

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