Chicago Cubs

Cubs option Jose Martinez, who had as many hits as you did

PITTSBURGH, PA - SEPTEMBER 02: Jose Martinez #53 of the Chicago Cubs (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

It doesn’t matter what your past history is, it is hard to maintain your role as a starter in the MLB when you go 0-for-15 in your first handful of games for a new club.

The Tampa Bay Rays acquired him in the offseason, but he soon fell out of favor, hitting just .239 with two home runs.

The Cardinals, meanwhile, picked up top pitching prospect Matthew Liberatore in exchange in a complete fleecing of the Rays.

The Cubs have reached the point where they’re so desperate to stay in the hunt for a NL Central crown that they think replacing a .000 hitter that has some power with a .045 hitter with no power is an upgrade.

If he fails to turn back into the guy who was a nightmare to plan for in St. Louis, the Cubs will be regretting the day they ever tried to pilfer him from Tampa Bay.

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