Create your own Lo-Fi music with Google's Magenta Lo-Fi Player

(Pocket-lint) - Chances are you've come across Lo-Fi music at some point in the last year, with playlists appearing on YouTube, Spotify and more.

As you'd expect, the Lo-Fi Player is crafted in the classic Google fashion with a fun interactive gadget you can use to create your own Lo-Fi tunes.

It's a lot of fun to tinker about with and the certainly satisfying to create your own vibes with just a few clicks.

The team behind the player decided to use Lo-Fi Hip Hop as the base genre for the tool as it's seen as the easiest to use and makes it simple for the end-user to create music that "always makes sense".

With this stream, you can simply watch and listen on YouTube or use various commands to change what's happening.

Kevin from Japan" to leave a message to the blackboard "Add more reverb" to create the vibe "Get chill" to slow down the beat

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