Bungie is overhauling how Ghosts work in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2 , Ghosts are the little robots that resurrect characters when they die, and the angel on the Guardian’s shoulder that does most of the talking for them.

Currently, players can get different shells for their Ghost, customizing the way it looks and offering their character bonus perks, like tracking chests on a specific planet.

But Destiny 2 Ghosts currently have a problem: The perks are static on certain shells, meaning you can’t just decorate your automated pal the way you want.

The two most desirable perks, Guiding Light (an XP bonus) and Speed Demon (allows players to instantly summon their Sparrow vehicle), only come on a select few Ghost shells.

Players will use different tiers of experience mods to increase their seasonal gains, as well as several other mods, including ones that increases the chance to earn the rare Enhancement Prism materials from completing Strikes.

Bungie did not mention the popular Speed Demon perk in its blog post.

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