'Big Brother: All Stars': Bayleigh Dayton on Fight With Christmas and Da'Vonne's Friendship (Exclusive)

Dayton found herself up on the block alongside her "untouchable" and best friend in the house, Da'Vonne Rogers , making it even more difficult to campaign to stay.

With a majority alliance dominating the game thus far and the house adopting a don't-make-waves mentality, the outspoken Dayton's straightforwardness and realness had her out the door.

Crispen had cited the Black Lives Matter movement during his plea with Dayton and Rogers as being partially the reason why he was willing to sacrifice his place in the game.

So it could've have been a situation where he came in and we were all together and we really hashed things out, but he chose to do it privately, and I don't feel like she would have ever really used it or put him up even if he begged her for it since I know they are playing the game together," Dayton reflected.

Asked if Dayton believed Crispen used the Black Lives Matter movement to further his Big Brother game, she hoped that wasn't the case.

One positive that's come out of All-Stars is her friendship with Rogers, and Dayton praised her closest ally for her pre-eviction speech , where she paid tribute to Breonna Taylor and all the Black lives lost.

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