Britney Spears' Team Claims Father Jamie Cut Off Payments To Her Lawyers!

It should be noted, Britney's lawyer's legal fees are cleared through the conservatorship judge, and are ordered to be paid in full.

Britney's team is asking for the court to "Take appropriate action to obtain immediate compliance by James with its standing order for payment of my fees."

Instagram In the filing, Britney's team claims they recieved a request by Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group to email a copy of the "court order supporting my fees" from a staff accountant at the company.

It's interesting timing, considering Britney's lawyer has now publically challenged the amount of money many of these advisors are paying themselves in her conservatorship.

We broke the story, Britney's legal team specifically called out Lou Taylor's company for an increase in fees which seemed to be approved by her father and the conservators.

Mega As we reported, Britney Spears is asking that court to make most of her conservatorship details public, supporting a recent outcry from the #FreeBritney movement challenging her conservators.

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